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Based in Antwerp, Belgium.


I think about user experience, I design user interfaces.

Butane screenshots


Aranesp is a product by Amgen and is a medicine for patients suffering kidney diseases, anemia or cancer. The product exists in several doses. To help doctors calculate the dose a patient requires, I teamed up with Flow Pilots to create a to-the-point easy to use app.

Client: Flow Pilots

Butane screenshots

Butane for iPhone

Butane is a Campfire client for iPhone, offering you the best Campfire experience when you’re on the road.

Using 37signals’ popular team chat service on a day-to-day basis, I teamed up with the 10to1 team to start working on a Campfire client for iPhone. Butane is available on the App Store

Client: 10to1

Report screenshots


Report is the quickest way to create and share photo reports right from the iPad. Imagine yourself being a foreman writing a report when visiting a construction site, or a fashion guru taking notes during a fashion show — Report for iPad is the right tool for a lot of jobs.

The goal of Report was creating a fluent user experience to take photos and make notes. That’s what Report ended up being. Launch Report app, take a few photos, add notes and share it with collegues, friends or family. The use cases for Report are endless.

Report is available on the App Store.

Client: 10to1

Huvepharma screenshots


Huvepharma is a dose calculator for veterinarians. Vets are able to calculate the correct dose of medication for animals right on their iPhone. Huvepharma dose calculator is available on the App Store

For this app I led the entire design process, including research, user experience design and interface design.

Client: 10to1

Luan screenshot

Luan for iPad

Leave your brochures at home: all you need is your iPad.

With Luan your sales reps can show your products quickly and easily. With a simple tap you filter out the right pictures in a second.

Luan is available on the App Store.

Client: 10to1

FleetExpert screenshot


The FleetExpert inspectors were in need of a tailored iPad application to make their vehicle inspection lives easier. With this application, inspectors are able to complete their files on client’s car while on the road.

For this app I led the entire design process, including researching their previous applications and data, user experience design and interface design.

Client: 10to1

COOP screenshot


COOP is a tailored communication platform for pharmacists and retirement home personnel in the Ghent area.

Both parties were in need of a more efficient way to pass on information to each other. The result: old paper forms were thrown out and replaced by online forms and inboxes.

For this project I led the entire design process, including interviews, wireframing, interface design and front-end development.

Client: 10to1

Corega screenshot


While I was employed at NOCUS, I was involved in the redesign of all European Corega websites. Corega sells denture care products.

For this project, I was involved in the interface design and front-end development of the website templates. Wireframes and visual identity were delivered.

Natter screenshot


Natter is a service that synchronizes your conversations between Twitter and Facebook and vice versa.

This project is the result of the 2010 Rails Rumble, where I formed a team with Jelle, Koen and Piet. The whole project was done in one weekend — that means concept, branding, front and back-end development in just 48 hours!

While the other guys did the back-end development, I designed our little mascotte 'Franske', the homepage, the user interface and did the front-end development.

It was great fun. Highly recommended.

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